Evan Krause   -  

This moment changed my life in 2019.

I couldn’t shake it. God was asking me to stand up on the lunch room table and share his love to a room full of about 600 people. S/o to @benkiiiing for being crazy enough to stand next to me. This moment catalyzed me into overcoming fear and getting a taste of what it looks like to be the bold evangelist that God has created me to be.

If I can be honest I don’t like doing this stuff. I don’t naturally wanna preach the Gospel. Or stand in front of people all vulnerable..but in these moments it’s not me doing it. It’s Jesus inside of me, helping me, defeating all fear of man, and Him speaking through me to do all he’s called me to do.

What I’m asking myself today is, how can I allow more moments in my everyday life where I move out of the way to allow Jesus full control to live thru me. That’s my prayer today.

“God helps us as believers to fully and lay down our lives to the point of giving you absolute control to do what you want to do thru us. To love and offer hope to a world that needs a touch from you. Jesus take control of my life today. In Jesus name. Amen”

Ps..happy monday hahahaha