Evan Krause   -  

We are back full swing In Huntington getting ready to welcome 170 students in a week!

👋🏼One of our local outreaches we do is a gathering on Monday nights every week. We have outgrown the space we have been meeting in with over 450+ young people coming from as far as 2+ hours away and half the room is sitting on the floor every night because we run out of chairs. It’s wild to see what God is doing in Southern California and the freedom that God is pouring out. Young people are so hungry for Jesus!!!

We’ve been in our freedom series going through different freedom topics such as identity, strongholds, etc. And then having prayer teams pray for as many of those who want prayer for however long it takes to get through everyone.

So our typical mondays are 9 am meeting with our staff 10-4:30 work day (we’re planning out all the details for the fall training school, evans doing media, I’m planning brave love events for the spring etc) then 6 pm Monday night then prayer 8:45-10:15ish

The rest of our week is normally prayer room & corporate prayer Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday morning and then in the office 9:30-5ish until the students come and then our evenings are filled up with local outreach’s, house dinners, etc.

Pray for us for guidance on what to say yes to and what to say no to because there’s always a need in ministry/missions.

Pray for CR as a whole to find a new venue/someone to donate a building we can all work in the same area together. There are over 200 people on staff + all our training students and currently everything we do is all over Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa so nothing is really easy to do since it’s hard to find a spot that 400 people can easily work at. We’ve maxed out all the offices & corporate meeting areas we have now.

We are so grateful for all you guys have poured into us!!!

All our love,
Heather & Evan

Ps. I’ve attached a Monday night from the other week that was so good! And pictures from praying for hundreds of youth & young adults on mondays.