Evan Krause   -  


We are back in Huntington & have been working extra jobs before our year fully starts up in full swing next week! Our teams have been traveling all over and God has been moving powerfully! I’ve attached an update photo from just one afternoon of evangelism at our school in Germany!

We have 3 new girls moving into our house for us to disciple this year alongside with us helping run our discipleship school of 200 students that starts the beginning of October!

Evan will be focusing even more on media – leading our media track which focus on reaching our generation with the gospel through media. As we know gen z is very unique & all over media so it’s almost like the modern day Roman road! So so pivotal in the gospel going forward in this generation!

I’ll be helping with Brave Love which is our womens ministry equipping and calling women into their destinies and we will be hosting a large event in June calling women from around the world to come for a weekend so I’m one of the main gals organizing that!

We will be very busy this fall in Huntington and then the spring it looks like we will be gone the whole spring mostly international to help with international carry the love tours preaching the gospel & training young people on how to reach their generation for Jesus. More to come but it will be busy for sure so we are excited to be busy but in one place for the fall.

We would love to pray for you and your family if you need any prayer! And we are so so grateful for your support & love & prayer for us!!!

We’ll try to keep posting more❤️

-Heather & Evan