Evan Krause   -  
  • Hi! 👋🏼
    We hope everyone is having a great summer!

We just wanted to post our summer update:

We have been pretty disconnected with our phones turned off for the past few weeks, praying & seeking the lord for what he would have for this upcoming year as well as resting from our year of non stop ministry. We have been in England staying at my friends home & we feel so grateful to be here resting.

We head back to California next week and then will start back in August for the year. Circuit riders has been running our summer training schools all over from Africa to California, HI, TX and back to Germany and England in august. This is my first summer in 7 years not being a part of the schools so it’s strange but we are grateful for this time- we know it’s so rare.

In August we will continue with discipleship & training highs schoolers & university students through Circuit Riders on preaching the gospel, how to reach their generation for Jesus and how to reach their campuses as well as walking them through personal freedom. We have around 200 new students coming!! Evan will be jumping back into media and I will be helping with Brave Love as well (our womens movement).

We will be fundraising in August for the year as well and are so excited for all God is going to do this upcoming year! (Our years always start afresh in august almost like a school term since we work mainly with university & high schoolers)

We would love to pray for you in this time so feel free to reach out to us!

We are so grateful for you all ❤️❤️

-Heather & Evan