CARRYTHELOVE 2020 Testimonies

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  • Seattle Salvation Story– This is Joey. Thrown out of his house because of drugs. Found him in the ally of a homeless youth shelter in Seattle. He was depressed, confused, and broken. I told him he’s not worthless, that God has a plan and loves him very much. He prayed with me to allow Jesus into his life! Immediately he felt lighter and his whole demeanor changed. He didn’t have a Bible so I gave him mine. I told him it wouldn’t be easy but Jesus would walk with him.


  • Story Cont. in Detail– I was walking around the University of Washington campus with Ian Ross, one of my good friends. We just spent some time eating dinner in chipotle and we’re walking back to our venue that night. We ended up passing a homeless man and stopped to pray for him. I then offered to buy him dinner and walked back to chipotle while Ian stood with the man. While Ian was standing there, a young man was dropped off on the side of the curb with a suitcase and then the car drove off. He came up and asked if Ian knew where the homeless youth shelter was. Ian didn’t know and was mid conversation so he said he didn’t know and moved on. But he asked again. By this time I had returned so Ian stopped and begin to help this young man look for the homeless youth shelter. Ian then prayed for him. He feared what people said about him, peoples words hurt him. In that one moment he got freedom from all of the times that people had spoke badly about him and hurt him as a child. He had been homeless since he was about nine years old living on the streets supporting himself. He had just flown out to Seattle to begin a new life. We then found the homeless youth shelter. It was in an alleyway with a bunch of young kids grouped around in small groups. Ian stood there for a while praying and talking to this young man and spending time getting to know him and telling him a story. While I talked to Joey (story above) next to him who ended up giving his life to Jesus! We then left and headed to our event.

  • A week later Ian was in the same neighborhood and had gone out of our way to buy Boba tea. Ian noticed that he was close to the same neighborhood, so Ian and a friend ran off to find this kid. 15 minutes later walking Ian walked up to the homeless youth shelter and found him standing outside. He came over and gave Ian a big hug. He said from the moment that he had met Ian and I, his life changed and what people said no longer hurt him. He expressed dreams of going back to school and explained that he had been going to school even though he has been on the street since he was about nine years old. Ian called up our host home who had driven us to Boba tea and told her about this guy. She then came rushing over and began to talk and pray with him. There was a real connection between the two of them as we were all standing in a circle crying as we prayed for him. Later Ian’s host home told us she had a dream years ago about adopting a kid who looked identical to this man and taking him in as one of her own. While we had to move onto our next state, she stayed in constant contact meeting with him and helping him get back on his feet. She helped him buy new clothes, get job interviews and then enrolled him in school. He is now a junior in high school finishing out his dreams of finishing high school. He has an A in both pre-calculus and physics. Ian still talks on the phone with him and he’s doing quite well. All glory to Jesus!!
  • Tacoma Youth Night– I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to go pray for this student leader during worship. Guy gets encountered (drops to the ground and starts weeping) as I pray the fathers love over him. He said he had never had a male figure in his life give him their blessing. His father and brothers have kind of abandoned him.  We went into a freedom moment and prayed off all rejection and fear in his life. He said when I prayed over him he could feel the Father’s love and peace immediately came over his mind. He knew Jesus was with him.


  • Northwest U– Tonight went incredible. 3 salvations and tons of freedom from fear and depression and anxiety. 1 girl manifested a demon during a call for suicidal thoughts and my friend brought her to the bathroom and delivered her. Quick and easy. Nothing is too hard for God. 8 people got free of suicidal thoughts and 11 people got healed from physical pain. Freaking nuts. This is just the beginning. “You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, and raise the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the kingdom, so freely release it to others.” –Matthew 10:8 TPT


  • Portland State Learning Experience– Heard from the Lord that it would be a different type of night, so I switched things up to preach the simple gospel but fumbled over my words and tried to add too much of my other message in the mix. It didn’t land how I saw it landing in my head. But Jesus still moved and 6 people gave their lives to Jesus and healings broke out / wild freedom in worship after. Including an older woman with severe back pain got healed on a moment. One of our students layed hands on her and she said she felt heat all over her back. Meanwhile, I was so discouraged about the way I preached, I neglected to see the good in it all. I made it about myself and not God moving in the room. I felt like I blocked the Spirit moving all because I wanted to end my message and get out of there; I felt humiliated. I had an emotional moment by myself that night and said, “this is the last time I make it about myself and my performance. Help me get out of the way and allow your Spirit to move.” I repented and moved on to the next stop.


  • George Fox U in Newburg, Oregon– The next stop was unforgettable. Coming off of a rough night from PSU, I gave God everything and knew he had to show up. Our students were seeing angels in the room lined up along the window sill. Absolutely crazy. I will never forget the power of God moving in a room so strongly that night. I felt the power of God flowing through me as I preached that night. I went straight the the jugular on the ministry monster that so easily entangles christians and church leaders. I couldn’t believe some of the things I was saying but God was moving powerfully. 7 people gave there lives to Jesus at this Christian school. The whole room got free from fear and activated into their missional calling. One of our students gave her wild testimony of getting free from depression and self hate, and many got freedom that night. The joy bomb that broke out in worship that night was unreal.
  • Powerful Mental Illness Healing Story (written by a student who posted on her blog about our night at George Fox) – CLICK HERE
  • Check out the Youtube video below of the message I preached that night…



  • Grace Chapel Youth in Portland– A couple of hours before the night began, I locked myself in the prayer room of the church that they had given me to prep for my message that night. Feeling the weight of preaching each night and knowing that I am nothing without Jesus, I knew I needed to empty myself of my pride and look to him as my strength. I prayed in the spirit for an hour and just layed there asking God to speak to me about what he wanted to do that night. I saw a picture of a family of 4 giving there lives to Jesus. I immediately started praying for their salvation. The night went on and I delivered one of the clearest gospel presentations I had given so far. At this event, over 100 people and students gathered. 34 people made decisions to follow Jesus, and 20+ people came forward for prayer to get freedom from depression and anxiety. Jesus is King! At the end of the night I come to find out that one of our host home families has been praying for their friends (a family of 4) and they came that night! The whole family responded and gave their lives to Jesus! I am floored. Jesus is so intentional and amazing.


  • Spokane Regional Gathering– (Testimony from my friend) There was a crew of ex-convicts and gang members from Yakima that showed up last night. I talked to one of them who was outside at the beginning of the night. He had lost both his twin brother and his little brother to gang violence. His little brother was actually a part of the rival gang he was in, and while he was in prison, his own gang murdered his brother. He said “I realized in that moment I was deceived and serving the devil all along.” He said he couldn’t receive Jesus because he had to get himself right first. I told him he could come to Jesus as he was and JESUS would wash him clean make him brand new!

    He was struck by Evan’s message and was standing at the back of the room so captivated by Jesus. He gave his life to Christ during the altar call!! So wrecked by Jesus! Logan prayed for him then I got to talk to him after and he was rapping and praying about serving God! So awesome! Haha

    I also got to pray for a Whitworth student. He needed healing from ADHD. I prayed and he said he believed God would heal him. He said he needed prayer for one more thing. He told me demons had been in his room and tormenting him in the night. I said in Jesus’ it’ll be finished tonight and told him we were going to ask the Lord about any open doors to the demonic in His life and close every open door!

    We prayed and heard together 3 things, the first was his family line is Buddhist. We destroyed every work of false religion and false gods and pleaded the blood of Jesus over His family line and salvation for His family. Then I said I heard the second open door was a sexual spirit. He said it’s crazy because every time the demon comes it sexually harasses him. We broke every tie to pornography and cast our every spirit of perversion! Which is wild because I know that’s what y’all heard over Whitworth! I told him once we closed that door we have to intercede for Whitworth and destroy every spirit of perversion over the campus! So we took authority and prayed together over Whitworth! It was powerful! Then we closed the last door and he said he hadn’t felt the peace of God like that in so long! Praise God!!



  • Edmonton Regional Gathering– What should have been a 10 hr drive from Spokane to Edmonton, Alberta…ended up being an 18 hour drive with 16 people and bathroom stops and food runs. Worst. Drive. Ever. We got to our host home at 4am. We knew we just wanted to get to Edmonton on our travel day so that we could wake up and drive 5 min to blaze the campus for evangelism the next day for our event that night. We were all running on Holy Spirit power and grace. Including myself who had driven all that way. I was dead after that crazy drive and was scheduled to preach that night. I told the Lord he had to show up or everything was going to fail. Our team was so tired and I knew I hadn’t prepped or prayed like I wanted to that day. God’s power shows up in our weakness and boy did he show up. I preached one of the clearest messages on living a courageous life modeling the life of Joshua I had ever preached.

  • Talya saw two salvations during worship. Crazy healings. Bailey and the crew got spot on words of knowledge for the healing call. Multiple healings – back pain, girl with celiac in her stomach felt it leave her body. 8 people came up to get freedom from depression and anxiety. Jesus 🙌🏼🙌🏼


  • Ambrose University in Calgary, Canada– Sydney got into a car accident back in November and ended up having her back and her neck get completely messed up. She was going to chiro and Physio, and none of it was working. At the Ambrose CTL stop, we had a call, from a word of knowledge, of healing of backs, she put her hand up and Jesus completely healed her! All stiffness and pain in her neck and back left in the name of Jesus!!

    Taylor was really struggling with self-worth and getting really anxious about walking into rooms and I’ll be able to fully express her self. Walking into the Ambrose Carry the Love event, she felt full release to stand in her true identity,  express herself fully, and walk in freedom! Thank you JESUS!!

    Louis had a bunch of tears in his rotator cuff meaning that he could not raise his arm above his head or else it would pop out and dislocate. It’s causing severe and relentless shoulder pain, but after a call for healing from a word of knowledge, some wild prayer, and Holy Spirit touching him, Jesus healed him!! All pain and popping in his shoulder left, leaving him weeping in amazement at God‘s healing.

    MJ after struggling with a whole lot of shame, anxiety, craving the things of the world, a life of compromise, feeling of lack, and a feeling like God was not seeing her, moving into tonight, MJ walked into the Ambrose CTL night and got totally set free. She came in struggling with a lot of hate on her heart and after seeing the message of carry the love she felt a room of love she felt a room of Jesus and a place where she could be safe and confessing and joyfully repenting. She ended up running through the four r’s confessing all sin in her life, finding the joy and forgiveness and repentance, and got completely released from all heaviness and sent out an activation authority by the spirit. She then got filled with the Holy Spirit breaking out into uncontrollable laughter and a restoration of joy in her life!

  • On our first night we saw 6 salvations, over 10 healings, and so much freedom! We had the WILDEST catalyst night yet with 30 students coming with crazy dreams for Calgary unto the nations. A missions movement is spilling over from Canada!

  • Also at our catalyst night, I had been asking the Lord for a couple weeks now about what the word of the Lord was for my life. I had been asked that question before but I never could confidently say what it was. In a moment of worship as I layed on the ground, I felt the Lord so strongly speak to me and say, “Evan I’ve called you to the nations.” Then I saw a vision of a drone shot of a neighborhood and a big blue house in the distance. As the shot got closer I recognized the building as, “The Evangeline” our flagship CR house in Huntington Beach. I knew right then what my word was and I knew as I was praying about what my next step was after this season that the Lord was calling me to stay with CR and do missions and move into the Evangeline as my permanent housing situation. I felt so much peace about it. I was floored. Its an amazing thing when the Lord speaks!


  • Montana State– My friend Sage preached a fiery message on Faith that inspired the whole room into action and living a life that marvels God by our faith!

  • During the night I got a word of knowledge about a dude during worship at the end of the night who struggled with Pornography. I approached him and asked him if he struggled with Porn. He said yes. I told him he doesn’t have to allow this to control him. I lead him through the 4 R’s of Repenting of porn, Receiving God’s love, Rebuking the enemy, and Replacing this addiction with an addiction and zeal for God. He allowed me to pray freedom over his mind and all the destructive thoughts and things that come with a Pornography addiction. Praise Jesus!


  • Montana Tech– My friend Haley preached fire on living a life of faith over fear and It was incredible. At the end of the night we prayed over a kid who had crazy back pain and found out one of his legs was way longer than the other and it was throwing his back out. Check out this insane video of us praying for his leg to grow out…



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