October thru December Update

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Update from the west coast!

God is moving across universities in America. Students are on fire for Jesus are rising up and receiving crazy God dreams over their regions and schools they attend. How do I know? I have been meeting with students and leaders across the PNW for the past two weeks. We have been praying with and hearing stories from students about all God is doing and how CarryTheLove can be the catalytic spark into digging up a new Jesus movement across America.

If you didn’t know already, I am leading a team of students to the Pacific Northwest area for tour leg 1 for 5 weeks in January and come March I will be leading another team into the midwest Canada region into Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Detroit for another 5 weeks. Please pray for me and my team as we are battling real deal depression, anxiety, and suicide in these regions. The Northwest specifically has been very hard and dark to reach for the Gospel, but this year we are full of more faith than ever that God’s love and Joy would explode in this region. The rainy gloomy clouds looming above these regions will shift into the life-giving rays of sunshine that only the love of Jesus brings!

I am apart of four “Circles” while I am out here:

  1. Tour Leading (PNW & Canada) – carrythelove.com
  2. CRX Training – House Leader
  3. Wild Tent Outreach’s
  4. Media

Here is a link to two campaigns I recently help shoot/drone:

CarryTheLove 2020 Promo

Quick testimonies:

While building community with our tent team, we have decided to go out every Tuesday night to downtown HB and do evangelism. I partnered up with a dude named Graham and we just struck up conversations with people during this HB market night that goes on every Tuesday. Tons of people come out and eat and drink all over Main Street by the pier in HB.

I started talking to this dude walking by the bus stop and had a dope conversation about life and the love of Jesus with him. He told me he used to be a Christian but he has been feeling really distant and has fallen away from pursuing God. He said he has been consumed with negative thoughts and bad dreams and he can’t shake them. They keep coming back.

I started sharing about the love of Jesus and that this moment wasn’t a coincidence. God was pursuing him in a real way and wanted him to know that He is with him. We prayed over his thoughts and that he could take every thought captive in Jesus name. He rededicated his life to Jesus that night and I am still floored about it.

Ran into another dude while walking the pier late at night. This dude had a drum set up and was trying to make some extra cash. He was a 20-year-old young dude who bikes from Anaheim every Tuesday to the pier to play. This dude was so open we just started talking about drums and his life and it gradually lead into a conversation about Jesus. God is mad dope. We shared the love of Jesus and the gospel with him and he gave his life to Jesus that night! Still over here on the floor. Haha – GOD IS SOOOO GOOD 🙌🏼

Another day we went out to eat for lunch after calling students and setting up meetings for tour. My other tour leaders and I ate at a pizza shop off of Main Street. My buddy Brad noticed this group of college kids walking by and told us he wanted to talk to them. He just felt really strongly that God wanted him to talk to them.

We finish up our pizza and all of a sudden these kids come walking back right by our table. Brad says, “wow this is too easy.” Haha. It was two guys and a girl. Naturally, our girls started talking to the girl and us dudes started talking to these two guys. We talked about everything with them at first. Again it leads to a conversation about Jesus and what we do as missionaries.

These guys were open books and asked us all kinds of questions. One had moved to California recently from New York and the other had been in a party lifestyle for most of his life. The ended up having a moment without girls talking about her worth and wild freedom through praying with them. She says she heard the voice of God for the first time saying, “I love you and you are my daughter.”


Meanwhile, our dude’s minds got opened up to the gospel and heard about the genuine love of Jesus for the first time. We had a Radical salvation moment yelling a repeat after me prayer. They went WILD like yelling, “I repent and need a savior kind of stuff” while everyone was looking onward off of Main Street! Hahaha.

I can’t make this stuff up. Jesus is King and loves people so much.

I have been on a personal journey of defeating Fear in my life. Anytime I get scared about what people might think or if I feel a nudge from God about sharing my faith in front of people at In-n-out I just stand up and do it. haha. My friends and I motto as of late is CRUSH FEAR. Any time we feel prompted to do something we do it.

CRUSH FEAR. This is a mandate from Heaven. “We do not have a spirit of FEAR, but of power love and a sound mind.” By just reading about the life of Jesus, he had no fear of man in him. He acted and was a man of action overthrowing all religiousness and restoring His kingdom on earth. I think if Jesus was with us on this earth today and he was our friend, he would be constantly nudging us out of passivity and complacency and into activation.

I love you all so much! I am so thankful to each of you for praying and supporting me financially in this season. We are a team in this. I can’t do this without you. You are reaping all of this with me. I can’t thank you enough for partnering with me.

Quick powerful healing story I recently experienced: 

Recently as I was walking back from the office in Huntington Beach, from a day of planning tour and calling students in my region. My friend and I walked by this older woman sitting on the curb. I started talking to her and she immediately opened up to me about her life and all the crazy pain she has experienced over the years of living. She told us some wild stories of her past, but she expressed to us that she was so full of childlike joy still. We found out she had a relationship with Jesus and talked with him daily. She was full of faith that God would change her situation, it was astounding. She told us she had just said a prayer to God for help and healing when all of a sudden we walked up. Incredible! Recently found homeless she found herself out of a job. She loves to write books and play music and DJ on the side. She mentioned she had two broken knees, broken clavicle, a bad back that made her hunchback and a lodged bullet in her head from her crazy past. If I told you everything she said it would be wild. She made me feel the bullet in her head and everything. Haha. I prayed for her, laying my hands on her knees and back believing for complete healing over her whole body and she immediately felt light, straightened her back, and felt her knees go numb. She jumped up and said she was healed. Brand new knees, new clavicle, straightened back and she felt a whooshing feeling of something in her head dissolving. Jesus is King!

Still Fundraising

As you know, We are in Tour planning mode. CarryTheLove 2020 is coming up in January.

We have been blitzing the nation in order to plan our tour for this upcoming spring. I’ve been meeting with wild Christian leaders who are believing for the lost to encounter Jesus. A week ago we were in the PNW and this week I am currently in Montreal, Canada. We will be in Montreal for a few days heading to Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Detroit dreaming and praying with leaders about a new Jesus movement rising in Canada and in other nations at large.

Because of the constant travel, I am in need of some travel funds to keep up with all the flights to get across the nation. My recent flight to Seattle cost me $250 and my trip coming up flying to Toronto is $350. I am also flying home for Christmas coming home in December and that flight will be $450 as well.

If you feel lead to give and pay for these flight costs, click the link to give “one time”.

If you would like to join my monthly partnership team of givers supporting me monthly, click the link below as well.

I ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me and God on this mission to see souls added to the Kingdom of Heaven. We are in this together and now you are right here with me!

Link to give

As I mentioned, I will be traveling to the PNW twice from Southern California as well as any tent gatherings that pop up across the US and other nations. Possibly planning on going to Myanmar. Still praying about it.

I am looking for 20 additional people to sign up to give $100 a month to reach my fundraising goal of 3,000 a month. I have a complete budget breakdown on my website. Currently, I am at just over $1,000 a month.

Click the button below to see all the ways you can give. Monthly recurring tax-deductible giving is available as an option.

God bless you all!

Evan Krause