The Lengths God goes to for LOVE

Evan Krause   -  
I recently set out on my road trip from Florida to California! My dad and I made a bro trip out of it and stopped at a ton of national parks along the way. It was insane!
Well on one of the last days as we were heading to Joshua Tree, our car broke down in the Mojave Desert. lol. Luckily we were on Route 66 in Amboy, CA (middle of nowhere) when a tour bus of 100 people flooded the road to take a picture of the Route 66 sign. (weird, I know) This forced us to pull over at the only gas station in sight for miles. Our car EPC light had just come on and we were smelling a funky smell coming through the engine. It was 116 degrees outside. 🤯 As soon as we shut off the car to read about what EPC meant, we tried to start it again and it wouldn’t start. So we realize its an engine problem and we can’t fix it. The car manual says we have to take it to a Volkswagon dealership.
Nearest Volkswagon dealership is 2 and a half hours away in Coachella Valley. So luckily dad has Geico Insurance and called a tow in to come get us. Nearest Tow was 3 hrs away. So we are stranded in the middle of nowhere for 3 hrs waiting. haha.
So at this point, we are asking the question, “alright God what are you wanting to do in this moment?” We are talking to the only worker in this store. Dudes name happens to be Kevin (my dad’s name.) He allows us to stay until our tow gets there. I feel like I get a word about his sister. I ask him about his sister and he says he has one but hasn’t talked to her in a while. I tell him his sister loves him and he should call her. He kind of shuts me down and doesn’t want to talk further. haha
3 hrs later, Eddie, the tow truck guy arrives and we are on our way to Coachella Valley Volkswagon about 2 and a half hours away. We start talking and quickly realize Eddie has been working as a tow truck guy for 4 yrs and has a beautiful family with 2 very young kids, 6yrs old and 11 months, and his wife is pregnant with the 3rd. He is a hard-working guy who is just trying to provide for his family. Eddie is 30 yrs old.
He asks us what we are doing in California. I tell him I’m moving to California to be a missionary. He tells us he used to follow God pretty hardcore till one of his pastors/mentors fell away from faith. He has acknowledged God but has been running from who God has created him to be ever since. We share about the Gospel and Gods love for him and that we believe God sent us to tell him about his love and the fact that He is with him.
He gets rocked by Gods love in that moment. He starts talking about 2 other instances where he starts remembering people randomly telling him the same thing in the last 6 months. Including another dude, he towed tripping out on LSD haha and his 6 yr old son. His son has never been introduced to God or heard it from anyone. Crazy.
We start speaking life over him for the next 2hrs and the fact that God has never forgotten about him and He is showing him that He is his provider and wants to have a relationship with him again. At the end of the trip, we swap numbers and he tells us how much he appreciates us sharing God’s love with him.
I ask him if he wants to rededicate his life to God and we lead him through a prayer where he recommitted his life to Jesus to follow him forever and let Him be Lord over his life! He tells us he is done running and wants to do this thing. Best decision He has ever made.
God is so good and the LENGTHS THAT HE GOES TO FOR LOVE is insane! Here we are absolutely hating the fact that our car broke down in the middle of the desert but God had other plans to bring his son back home. Yes, our trip was now over and we had to wait for 2 days in a hotel in Coachella till our car got fixed. But I wouldn’t trade what happened for a second.
What doesn’t make sense in your life currently that you could be asking God to show you what He is up to? Love you guys and I’m so glad you are on my team. I’m believing the best for each of you in whatever season of life you are in.