Stories of Jesus’ miracle working power at Youth Camp 2019

Evan Krause   -  

I’m going to share some stories I’ve been sitting on of what God did at Youth Camp 2019 in Lake Wales, FL a month ago. Jesus is amazing!!


Story 1.

One of our Wide Open students, Jarious got his shoulder dislocated during dodgeball. His shoulder had popped way out of place and it looked disgusting. He was in severe pain.

He went to the clinic and they determined he had to be sent to the hospital.

I got elected to take him to the hospital.

But before we left, a group of us prayed for him in the nurse room at camp but nothing really happened. We had believed for complete healing but didn’t see it.

A couple moments later as I was looking for my keys about to walk to my car, he turns to PJ, our youth pastor, and says whoa, what just happened?

His shoulder had completely fallen back into place and reset not just 5 min after we prayed! NO PAIN. NO NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL 🙌🏼JESUS!

Story 2.

A girl one night at pre-service prayer couldn’t breathe and had terrible back pain. A couple girls in our crew pulled me over to help pray for her before she went to the clinic/sent home.

We prayed twice for complete healing and pain to go and lungs to fill up.

The second time she started taking deep breaths and you could see peace fall all over her as she closed her eyes and started to breathe so clear!

We asked her how she felt and she said I can breathe and I don’t have any more pain!!! 🙌🏼


Story 3.

Another one of our students had crippling anxiety to the point of him never being able to be away from his parents for more than one day without breaking down and having them come pick him up.

This year I knew it was going to be different. I got elected to stay with him for the week at summer camp with one of his buddies at a hotel, due to there being no more room in the dorms at camp. This was looking to be the perfect set up for him.

We got to camp and found out there was room after all in the dorms and camp staff had canceled our hotel.

This was not a good curveball to throw at someone with anxiety expecting to be in a hotel and now having to be in a crazy dorm room with 100 other kids…

We quickly went to Walmart to try and buy bedding for all of us now that we found out we weren’t going to be staying at our hotel.

This student was breaking down fast and was trying to hold his emotion in but I don’t blame him. Everything he had thought and was going to be, wasn’t suddenly.

We took a moment in the car and stopped to pray. We prayed for God’s peace and all axiety to go in the name of Jesus. He repeated after me and basically kicked all anxiety out of his life and declared he was a son of God and fearless and victorious over this whole thing.

After we prayed he told me he felt much better and would stick it out.

Can I tell you this student lasted the whole week in the middle of a smelly dorm room with 100 other kids and loved every moment of camp!!

Jesus healed probably what was 4 years of crazy anxiety over this student. He experienced God on a whole new level that week and I continue to be floored by His love and faithfulness.

Let’s take authority and walk as a son and daughter of Jesus and take back ground the enemy has spoken over people. We all too quickly simply DEAL with it and think “oh its just who I am” NOPE Lets speak life over ourselves and see Jesus move in our midst…We were not called to live this way. He has better plans 🙂